About Us

Design My Identity’s prime objective is to ensure that clients should feel confident enough with what we’re planning to bring the best options for their business. We have been into this business since long and our experts have gained a lot of recognition and appreciation with hundreds of clients all over the UAE and internationally.

In today’s world, every business needs a digital presence to promote and sell their products and services online, we provide you the one-stop solution for all your queries for the competent world. Design My Identity understands your needs and accordingly our experts help you with marketing research, web design planning, data analytics, content strategy etc. We assure you to get customers on your website and want them to stay for their ultimate needs to get fulfilled by you.

Design My Identity experts will search for your customer and check their online presence and what all they are searching for. Website design and content generation will help the visitors to find your site and by staying at your website, we will get to know what they really want. Now, when you make your presence in place, the next job is of the data analytics. Our data analyst will see where the traffic to your website is coming from and experts will even make sure to propose a proper plan for you for further proceedings. They will also suggest the Search Engine Optimization solutions based on products or services of yours through which you can improve your ranking on the google search page for your specific services.

Design My Identity believes in serving you the best at the most competent and affordable price because we believe, “Our success is measured by your success”. For us, it's not just creating something that looks great but it has to deliver you the results.

Our Strong Values

We Take Responsibilities

We believe in transparency and not keeping the clients in disguise. From prioritizing tasks to implementation of planning and testing, we involve our clients throughout the project.

We work diligently and provide precise reports of our activities (issues encountered, progress made, etc.) to the clients, from time to time. We are confident enough to take responsibility for what we do. Clients’ satisfaction matters a lot to ‘’US’’

The prime objective of any business is the client’s satisfaction but we literally mean it. We keenly listen to your queries and comprehend your expectations. We endeavor to deliver the best quality services to our clients.

Design My Identity strives for continuous improvement. We set high benchmarks and work hard to match them. We work towards enriching the values of the clients’ business by optimizing the way they run their activities.

An Open Culture of communication helps us thrive
We always welcome employees’ as well as clients’ ideas and suggestions, as we believe that ideas evolve and not just come in the written form . Our success is the result of teamwork and implementation of the plans. We believe in supporting each other professionally as well as socially to enthrive and involve our total focus.

Our Mission

Our Mission: We want our clients to get results in not more than 4 steps.

  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Analyse
  • Results

Our Vision

We believe in enthriving the value of tech innovation and implementation by digital transformation (DX). We believe in creating a virtual platform where one could perform every trade or non-trade activity with ease sitting at the workplace without mobility.