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Corporate Business Identity

Corporate business identity is the image representation of the firm or business publicly. It is the business identity which is present in front of the customers/clients, investors, your employees or the common people by the means of the logo.

Corporate business identity is the basic need of the Corporate Communications with the basic purpose to manage and construct the identity to escalate the corporate business objectives.

The corporate identity is usually visualised by way of branding and the use of trademarks but it can also add things like product designed advertising, public relations, etc.

In general, this amounts to corporate title, logo and and all other supporting devices commonly assemble within a set of Corporate guidelines. These guidelines explain how the identity is applied and you should we include approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts and others.

Naming and Identity Development (logo and slogan)
Corporate color and unique style
Corporate Identity (Business Card Design, Email Signature, Microsoft Office Templates, Letterhead, Envelope Design, Complement Cards, Folder and Retail Carry Bag)
Corporate Branding (Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters, Posters, Pull-Up Banners, Signage)
Outdoor Branding (billboards, road banners, outdoor displays)
Event Branding (Exhibit Stand Solutions, Promotional Give-Away Items, 3D-Augmented Reality Branding, Marketing Solutions)
Staff Uniforms
Video Production
Consultancy (Online and Print Branding and Marketing, Brand Launch Strategy, Design Solutions)

Logo design

Your business Logo is the foundation and inspiration behind your branding. It drives your brand; it can define your entire business. An effective Logo requires creative thought and clever design to communicate the right message - your message. Research is a key component of our brand building process.

Stationary & Promotional Item Design

Unique, practical and innovative promotional items can appeal to your customers and cement a strong emotional connection. Our Creative Designers employ attractive colors and visually appealing design mockups while staying true to your brand and message.

Corporate Identity

Strong customer retention and positive brand recognition are key elements of every successful business. DX Business FZC LLC’s Corporate Identity team is committed to achieving a strong Identity, Brand and Residual Positivity for your business.