Website Development

Design My Identity company​ is one of the leading Web Development Company in Dubai. The company provides all individual and business an opportunity to establish their business and carry out its function at a global level.

We may not be experts in your business, so we consolidate your business knowledge with our Website Development and Web Design expertise to succeed. Our highly educated web developers are specialize in The web application frameworks like Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Ember.js, CakePHP, Phalcon, Zend,, Symfony, Express, Codeigniter, etc which are highly preferred by industry players. Our Web Design and Web Development team are habituate in different Web Development platforms like WordPress, HostGator, BigCommerce, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, BoldGrid, GoDaddy Website Builder.

So you have come to the best Web Design and Development Company in Dubai. What do you think about creating your website? Think patiently, watch, listen, try to understand then you decide what kind of website you want to build for your business.

We generally understand the meaning of the pages, posts, pictures, videos, etc., the documents placed on a web server. It can be a website of various companies, government institutions, schools, colleges, etc. As a result, people can easily find out about the services of that company or about a company. These websites are basically institutional websites.

But outside of this institutional website there are many personal or business websites. Such sites are usually shared about various tricks, trips, entertainment, ideas, news and so on. These sites are usually intended for the sake of hobbies or permanent income.


Responsive Web Design

Many of us have heard of the Responsive Web site. Many of us may not know what the responsive thing is. Making a site responsive means -keeping safe of all the content of the site in the right place, the main layout of the site is conveniently displayed to the visitor for various devices such as desktops, tabs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, feature phones.

What is Responsive Design?

This is a method by which a website is viewed normally and easily on any device or screen size display. Internet browsing is currently very popular on smart phones and tab devices. Previously during web design the screen resolution of the desktop or laptop monitor was designed keeping in mind. But now through the responsive grid layout method, it is possible to accurately represent a website on the screen of any device. Responsive web design is one such technology that allows a website to be created, regardless of the size or resolution of the device, and it will be displayed on the screen beautifully. Now the use of this responsive web technology does not have to exclude any content but the content easily fits on any screen.

Importance of Responsive Web Design:

At one time the Internet was used only from computers; But now the situation is different. Now everyone has a smartphone in hand. But even though the computer-friendly web site looks good on all computers, mobile-friendly sites may not be displayed properly on most mobiles. Because the skin size and resolution of different models are different.

A survey in 2014 showed, About 33% of Internet users are using the internet from their smartphones and this is increasing.

Another statistic shows, Another statistic shows that 45% of Americans use smartphones and 31% use a tablet computer. If this is the case for 2014 and the United States, then the situation of Internet users in our country is easily recognizable.

Now, that there are a large number of mobile Internet users, absolutely a website made for the big screen of a computer is not suitable for them. You have to zoom in to see it on the mobile screen. As you zoom in on a website or swipe left to right, it's a waste of time, likewise, boring and difficult to understand information is often difficult. People want to get information quickly and easily; and that's why responsive web design is important.